The historic capital of Japan, Kyoto, has retained much of its charm by preserving a large number of historical buildings, temples, shrines and gardens, some of them many hundred years old.

Kyoto is also the cultural capital of Japan with many traditions and crafts which has been in existence over many generations in the Kyoto shops and establishments.

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There are 17 world heritage sites in Kyoto - See Inside Kyoto for more details.

There are so many tourist sites and things to do in Kyoto; for a full overview, see Japan Guide. 


For dining, there is no shortage of choice or quality. In 2018, Kyoto alone had 95 restaurants with 1-3 stars (8 with 3 stars)

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A few useful maps for Kyoto:

Kyoto Bus Map
Kyoto Area Map

Near Kyoto

Just 30 minutes away by train is Osaka where you can enjoy the bustling city and visit Osaka Castle. There is much shopping and the nightlife is vibrant.

Nara is another historical town with many beautiful wooden buildings and gardens, including a popular deer park. 

Other day trips: 
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